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Become an engineer at
Mitsubishi’s Turbo Division

Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe is the only organization in the Netherlands that produces and
develops its own turbochargers. In doing so, we are involved in the entire turbocharger development process.
We realize the concepts we come up with, developing our designs to actual turbos. This makes us unique in
what we do.

Everything comes together at our site in Almere: our passion for turbochargers, technology and excellent car
brands. Which brands? BMW, GM, Renault and Volkswagen are just a few of many well-known names. While the
rest of the Netherlands relies on suggestions in the Autoweek or Autovisie about what the future may bring for
these car brands, our Engineers already know what will be coming to market 3 years from now.

What else makes working with us stand out? Not only are we involved in the complete development of our
turbochargers, but we are also just as committed to your development. It is important to us that you can follow
your ambitions. Transitioning into one of the other Engineer positions is among the many possibilities.

Can’t wait to get started? Then get in! At Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe, we are always looking for
enthusiastic Engineers. Find out which job suits you best below.

Meet your future colleagues:

“Because our customers and suppliers are located all over the world, the job offers lots of possibilities. In my first year, for example, I traveled to a supplier in South Korea for a week. Needless to say, that was a great experience. I also really enjoy working with the Japanese. They will do anything they can to help you; nothing is too much to ask! The colleagues in Almere also really make the work fun and interesting. It’s great to work with fellow car enthusiasts.”

Roland - Project Engineer

“I was an intern here and enjoyed the experience so much that I also wanted to graduate here. Even before I had my diploma, I could sign my contract. I love that this job allows me to combine theory and practice. In the next years I see myself developing into, for example, Project Engineer or Test Engineer. The cool thing about this company is that it's all possible! What am I proud of? That my work helps make the world a little better. Even if it's just a small step, we’re improving cars’ fuel economy and making them better.”

Max - Application Engineer

“I have been passionate about technology all my life. As a kid, I would take apart old video recorders. I have always been curious, so Mitsubishi’s turbo division really feels like where I belong. You’re working with a very tangible product, which is important to me. What I like best about working here is that we work directly with the customer. We’re a supplier and development partner in one.”

Vincent - test Engineer

“The coolest aspect of my job is that it’s so broad and varied. One moment you're with a customer or supplier, explaining your product, the next you’re working on a design. And the fact that right now, we're working on turbos that are likely to be launched 3 years from now. When they do, they’ll be installed in millions of cars. Just check under the hood of a passing car: it’s highly likely that the engine is fitted with your turbo!”

Rino - Design Engineer

“Because we have wide-ranging job responsibilities as a team, we all know who has which knowledge and skills. This allows us to help each other and bring out the best in our team. For me, the diversity of the work is by far the biggest reason why I have been with Mitsubishi’s turbo division for 8 years! Our Engineering team is very driven. Probably because we are all young and eager to learn as much as possible.”

Rik - Design Engineer

A brief background of Mitsubishi’s turbo
division to complete the picture

At Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe, we develop turbochargers and engines for the automotive industry. As our parent company is located in Japan, we work in close collaboration with a culture known for its hospitality. And this shows in everything.

Did you know that we have a 20% market share in Europe? That means that 1 in 5 cars in Europe are fitted with a turbocharger that was made in Almere. From our production site in Almere, we deliver directly to our OEMs all over the world. The finest car brands are equipped with our turbochargers, and all of our 800 employees make this possible. Proud of innovation, that’s what we are.